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Guenther, B.  (2016, June).  Middle school football coming to SMA in fall of 2016 .  Blog article for the San Marcos Academy Blog, San Marcos, Texas. 

Guenther, B. (2015, October).  Middle school program at SMA preps students for success . Blog article for the San Marcos Academy Blog, San Marcos, Texas.


Parents’ perceptions of testing and placement practices of internationally adopted children. 
Guenther, B. 2016: Dissertation, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, College of Education.

It is important to understand the parents’ perception of the testing and placement practices of their internationally adopted (IA) children.  As IA students transition to life in the United States, they must also undergo a transition into an American school.  By better understanding parents’ perceptions, school districts, administrators, and teachers will be better equipped to assess and place these students.  The problem is identifying appropriate educational placement for internationally adopted IA students.  This problem not only exists for the IA child, but for all students who undergo testing and placement.  Ten parents’ responses from interview questions determined the primary and secondary themes of this study.  The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore the experiences of adoptive parents as their IA children were tested and placed in a Texas school.  Two categories emerged from the interviews.  The first primary theme was process.  Two secondary themes emerged, professional and parents.  Out of the secondary  themes, tertiary themes emerged, which were private assistance, school district assistance, personal experience, and personal resources.  The second primary theme was assessment and placement.  Within the second primary theme, the same two secondary themes of professionals and parents were identified.  Out of the secondary themes, tertiary themes emerged; services, academic, individual child, and initiative.  This study provides data-driven researched-based recommendations regarding the testing and placement practices for internationally adopted children.
Parents' Perceptions of Testing and Placement Practices for Internationally Adopted Children.pdf
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